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Keep your voice down! It’s the prohibition and the fun police are out on patrol but a buddy of mine heard a rumour there was a juice joint around these parts… Now I’m not sure if he’s just feeding me a line, but he gave me a little clue, see if you can find it – and if you do, come get me!

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C R I M E   S C E N E   I N V E S T I G A T I O N

A body has been found and there’s only one witness but they only got a quick glance before the killer disappeared. Can you piece together the clues and catch the killer before he strikes again?

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T R E A S U R E   H U N T

Yarr! Listen here, crew. I be hearin’ a rumour there’s booty lurking in these parts, but o’ course there be no pirates ’round here with loose lips so we’ll have to find it ourselves. 

I’ve scavenged some clues but I need your help to find the gold. Savvy? And don’t even be thinking of taking the loot for yourselves – remember, dead men tell no tales. 

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